Bush League #10

Bush League #10

Bush League #10, Scene #03

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  • Length : 00:35:04 |
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  • Rating : 7 out of 10
Starring Brooke Haze, T Stone
  • 7/10
Rating : 7 out of 10

Brooke is thinking of shaving her pussy hair. This does not go over well with her boyfriend. He is a pussy hair loving hound. No way how is that muff leaving. Like every man knows - that's a warm and comforting place. A nice place to put your hand. The muff warms the soul. They don't call it a pussy for nothing. Cause it's warm and cuddly and just a great spot to park the cock. He proves it as he worships the sweet pube covered mound with his slobbering tongue and next to his throbbing manroot. It's a poolside and in the pool romp for the ages as he glistens that sweet mound with his appreciation as they spoon in the shallows.

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